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Who we are

Who we are

With our creativity and the uncomplicated way of doing catering service since 2003, we are able to do all the specialties a costumer desires. Our name and experiences are the fundamental essence of this very company.  You, as our guest are the center of our philosophy and you may expect a large, gastronomic offer at attractive prices in a suitable ambiance.

A small snack during a conference,  a high quality buffet for  company anniversaries or an exclusive grill party. You´ve got the cause, we got the ideas.

We can promise you, that you will have an unforgettable impression of it all.

Have a wholeheartedly dinner or party, as you would be your own guest.

Place your trust in us. We will place all our attention and experiences in you.

Sincerely, your König-Cateringteam